Get Connected

Get Connected

Want to find out if our programs are right for you? 

Contact our intake at (289) 472-5557 or Your call will be returned and a brief 15-minute intake phone call with your family will be scheduled at no charge to discuss your child or teen’s current strengths, needs and goals as well as to determine whether our programs are the right fit for your family. Program-specific initial consultations are between 60 and 90 minutes and billed as individual sessions.   

Interested in TalkAbility™? Following our intake phone call, we’ll send you a short form to describe your child. Once this is completed and reviewed by our director, you’ll be enrolled in the program and an online pre-program consultation will be scheduled for you and your child with the course leader prior to the first parent class. 

For families interested in PlayGreat @ Connections SLP, our intake phone call will focus on your child’s current peer interactions to determine what’s working well and where support is needed. Prior to the first parent-only session, you and your child will be scheduled for an online consultation with our staff to learn more about your child and their current interests, strengths and needs. You’ll choose a friendship goal to guide your participation in the program.

For the PEERS® program, we’ll first confirm that both parent and teen are interested in participating, and then gather information about the teen’s strengths, interests, needs and goals when it comes to making and keeping friends. A more detailed intake appointment will be scheduled closer to the program start date, during which we’ll meet with your family online to gather additional information in a more in-depth way. Please note that families who accept a spot in the program need to be able to commit to attending consistently. Teens and their parents are expected to attend weekly on their scheduled day and at least one parent must be able to commit to participating consistently. 

For younger children, parents must be able to commit to attending weekly evening parent-only sessions, and at least one parent must attend consistently. This same parent must also be able to commit to attending daytime parent-child video feedback coaching sessions. Parents of teens must not only attend the parent sessions but also be able to join their teen online at the end of the teen-only sessions

All of our programs are led by experienced speech-language pathologists registered to practice in Ontario.